Accounting for Massage and Bodywork Practice: Lessons from Surviving an Audit – Freedom Massage

Instructor: Diane Matkowski

CE Hours: 2

Once you graduate from massage therapy school and begin your work as a massage therapist, you enter a world of business with two distinct jobs: Massage Therapist AND Business Person. In order to succeed you must understand the business end of massage.

Diane Matkowski, author of The Body Is Art: A Mentoring Guide for the Business of Massage and Bodywork, will show you how to set up your massage business’ account books to ensure that you are covered should you ever endure an audit of your business. Also, as a means to always know how things are going with your business.

Diane went through a random IRS audit in 2004 and knows exactly what you need to maintain in documentation, how the information needs to be presented, and tips to keep up with the paperwork to ensure you stay on top of the business end of your practice. Whether you have your own business or work for someone else, you need to keep records if you see any personal clients. Diane will talk of her experience from 16 years in the business and about her own business, which now serves more than 5,000 clients; she will detail what it means to be an independent contractor and employee. Don’t wait for trouble to find you! Come listen to Diane’s guidance on how to keep organized and have tax time be smooth!

You will get 16 years of information in one class. You will leave feeling confident about how to set up your business.

“After eight years in the business, I walked away from Diane’s class surprised at how much I did not know about keeping good records.” – Edward, LMT

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