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CEU Classes and Mentoring for LMT’s

AVAILABLE NOW Home Study CEU class

Owner Diane Matkowski wrote a new book, The Massage Therapist’s Guidebook, that NCBTMB has approved as a home study course toward CEU’s. (you will need to provide proof of purchase of the book to get the CEU exam)

Diane offers one on one mentoring sessions for massage therapists. There is no long term commitment. We believe you may need 3-5 one hour sessions with her to improve your practice. You will get amazing support and time with a leader in the massage industry. Want more information email: diane@freedommassage.com

Join Diane’s Facebook Group to get a feel for her MENTORING STYLE. The page is only for Massage Therapists! it is rich with wonderful content, support, and some of the biggest names in bodywork are guests.  It is home to over 2,500 massage therapist from around the world!

ETHICS LIVE AT FREEDOM MASSAGE: Scopes of Practice for PA 4 CEU’s with Alicia!

Sundays:  May 17,  September,  October 18,  November,  November 22,  December 13

In this discussion-based class, Massage Therapists will explore the Scope of Practice as defined by the PA State Board of Massage Therapy and how to navigate Client interactions while practicing within the Scope.  Specifics regarding acceptable modalities and tools, guidelines for ethical conversation with Clients, the subject of contraindications, as well as circumstances for Therapists to receive further education/training will all be covered; class sizes are intimate to allow for comfortable, open participation and flexibility regarding time spent on the various topics to best serve the group.

DOWN TO BUSINESS: Joint class taught with Rebel Massage

Sunday, February 23

In this 4 hour, information filled, sit down workshop based on Diane’s book, The Massage Therapist’s Guidebook, everything will be covered from self-care to boundaries, client forms to your forms, accountability to accounting, building trust to trusting yourself, and so much more. If you are new to the industry, if you own a massage business, if you work for someone else, or if you are somewhere in between, this class will give you direction, guidance, and rekindle your enthusiasm for your career. The Rebel will be exposing her secrets to online success. Learn her tips and tricks that have launched her into a YouTube/Instagram/Facebook powerhouse.

OHASHI METHOD: Freedom Massage is hosting Ohashi in September 2020!

Saturday, September 12 & Sunday, September 13

The principles behind the OHASHI Method® will help you save your body and practice from injury, burn-out, and fatigue, and rejuvenate yourself while you are giving treatment. In this two-day intensive course, Ohashi expands upon the key principles underlying his approach to OHASHI Method® bodywork, based on 45 years of successful practice all over the world. He will teach and demonstrate how the giver’s body must work to give effective and professional treatment while avoiding pain and damage sometimes associated with bodywork therapy. You will learn how to improve your treatment through energizing your movement and how to use strength from your “hara.” You will learn the real meaning of “bodywork” – how to let your “body work” in the proper way –with tonus, cross-patterning, using hara, the value of continuity, and coordinating mother/messenger hand and knee. You will learn with Master Ohashi how to execute professional technique smoothly and effortlessly – before you establish bad habits.  

Bodywork 32 CEUs: The Freedom Technique by The Massage Mentor

Diane Matkowski and her staff have been providing massage for the community for over 20 years. Diane has also been training massage therapists since 1996. Her client base includes over 11,000 clients. She owns a five-time award winning business. After receiving...

Total Prone 16 CEUs: Bodywork Freedom Technique Prone

This class is a shorter version of Bodywork Freedom Technique 32 CEUs course. It covers the technique with the client PRONE on the table. Students will perform new techniques on the neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, hands, feet, head and hips. They will learn more...

Total Supine 16 CEUs: Bodywork Freedom Technique Supine

This class is a shorter version of Bodywork Freedom Technique 32 CEU course. It covers the technique with the client SUPINE on the table. Students will perform new techniques on the neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, hands, feet and head. They will learn more about...

Total Legs 8 CEUs: Bodywork Freedom Technique Just Legs

This class is a shorter version of Bodywork Freedom Technique 32 CEU course. Students will learn bodywork Freedom Techniques to do focused work on legs. They will also perform new techniques on the legs, feet and hips. Students will learn more about body mechanics and...