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The Massage Therapist’s Guidebook is approved by NCBTMB as a home study course toward CEU’s for massage therapists. Diane Matkowski shares invaluable insights into the business world of massage. As a leader in the field, she gives an authentic and realistic view about how she has thrived as a massage therapist. Drawing on her decades of experience she explains how to:

  • understand massage as a business
  • provide excellent client care
  • continue growing in all aspects of your work
  • increase self-care awareness as a massage therapist
  • balance emotional, physical, and financial energy
  • be more conscious of the human body on many levels
  • deepen your appreciation for your work and lifestyle

By recognizing the value that touch brings, you’ll be able to enjoy your work more and become a better (and more successful) massage therapist. Help your community and make a quantum leap in the booming business of massage with The Massage Therapist’s Guidebook.

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Diane offers one on one mentoring session for massage therapists. There is no long term commitment. We believe your practice will improve with 3-5 one hours sessions with her. You will get amazing support from a massage industry leader.

Join Diane’s facebook Group to get a feel for her MENTORING STYLE. The page is only for Massage Therapists! it is rich with wonderful content, support, and some of the biggest names in bodywork are guests.  It is home to over 3,200 massage therapist from around the world!

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