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Sugar Insights by Diane Matkowski Owner Freedom Massage   People often as me my views on sugar, so I did it, I wrote you this blog. In order to have sugar available to all, a beautiful raw sugar cane, rich in minerals and fiber is processed and broken down. A...

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Reasons to get massage

There are so many reasons to get regular massage! Physical Benefits of Massage Helps increase circulation Increase immune system Teaches body to relax Increase body awareness, Helps release toxins Rejuvenates, Oxygenates, Reduces stress in the body helping all its’...

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Thoughts From Owner

You Are Not Just A Body. You Are Your Body.   One of my mentors made a great statement, which has stuck always with me. He said, "Nature is not a background, it is our reality. It is not a landscape in a portrait, but how we breathe and live." Nature is...

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Roller Derby

WE will be at the next Brandywine Roller Derby Match 11/20!  Check them out!...

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Precision Kettlebells Malvern- Word from Owner

Ready for a change? Do you wish you could change something about your life right now? I’m here to argue that change can happen in an instant. I know this goes against popular thought. Most people believe that change has to be worked at for months or even years. We...

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Freedom Massage was voted Reader's Choice for Best Massage by Main Line Today and Best Massage out of 78 nominees by Philly Hotlist.

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