Energy Maintenance: Balancing Physical, Emotional, and Financial Energies – Freedom Massage

Instructor: Diane Matkowski

CE Hours: 3

Why do some therapists burn out?  Diane Matkowski, author of The Body Is Art: A Mentoring Guide for the Business of Massage and Bodywork, will share how she has maintained a consistently-filled book of massage clients for sixteen years in the massage and bodywork field. She will talk about Energy Maintenance as she describes it in her book and present valuable hands-on advice to help you sustain your living as a massage therapist. Clues on upholding physical strength, the importance of listening, on emotional strength, and how to plan for down times in the business will help you keep going strong for a decade or more, too!  After mentoring her employees for nine years, Diane learned what therapists need to avoid burn out and to excel in their work as a classic art form.

You can’t afford not to take this class. This mentor offers a personalized look into sixteen years’ massage experience and business helping you find how best to enjoy your work as a therapist.

I had no idea how much would be needed on so many levels to maintain my energy as a bodyworker. Diane has a great way of sharing the different aspects of bodywork and has great advice on how to maintain the energy needed to continue and to prosper in bodywork” – Dana, LMT

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