Thoughts From Owner – Freedom Massage
You Are Not Just A Body. You Are Your Body.  
One of my mentors made a great statement, which has stuck always with me. He said, “Nature is not a background, it is our reality. It is not a landscape in a portrait, but how we breathe and live.” Nature is extraordinarily important to human life. Trees are pretty, but they also do a plethora of things for mankind. Housing, paper, and even our ability to breathe are incredible gifts from trees. Natural processes are happening all around us and they shape our world. Nature truly is not a background, but the foreground to human existence. However, personally, I can go about my day not considering nature’s role.
Similarly, at times, I forget all my body does for me. Our bodies are our main vehicles helping us have the human experience. We only get one body to last a lifetime. Time spent caring for it is never wasted.
As I remind myself regularly, I decided to share the reminder with you all today. Your body is a huge asset for experiencing life.  Nature has given us a beautiful classroom to experience our days.  Be well and ENJOY!