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Couples Massage

Please note: We apologize, Couples Massages can not be booked online.   Please call 610-644-9003 to schedule your appointments.

Come experience our magnificent massage times TWO! You and your partner will receive a massage at the same time in separate rooms. You can select a 60 minute or a 90 minute session. Treat yourselves to an experience you can share together for an anniversary or any special occasion.

Our sessions are true to the time scheduled.  Your massage time WILL NOT include filling out paperwork, your evaluation time with therapists, getting undressed, dressed, or to switch over for another client after you.  You will be massaged for the full time requested. You may want to compare our 45 minute session pricing to other establishments’ 60 minute session pricing. We do not charge by how long you are here, but how long you are on our table.



Our "Membership"

You will be working with a team of therapists rated BEST MASSAGE by voters THREE TIMES on the Philly Hotlist 2015, 2016, and2017 out of 78 nominees. Freedom Massage also won Reader’s Choice for BEST massage on the Mainline two times!

After your first massage you are a “member” at Freedom Massage. No contracts. No fees. No sales pitch. Pay as you go. What does our membership mean to you?

  1. You will receive top notch service at all times. 
  2. Your bodywork and massage will be given with integrity, care, and the backing of an Owner who has been practicing massage for over 20 years!
  3. You will feel a true commitment, dedication, and you learn about the endless benefits of massage.
  4. You will also become a part of our “inner circle” and will receive exclusive emails with updates and discounts.
  5. Another difference with our membership is you will have access to the Owner who understands everything from being a client, to a being a therapist, and a small business Owner.
  6. Last but not least, you will be surrounded by a staff that truly cares about each session, each client, and making sure your experience here is exceptional–every time.


Massages with our owner: To receive a massage with Diane, our owner, you must email The owner's rates are an additional $40 an hour and hours are very limited. She feels strongly about the quality of work you will receive from her award winning staff and encourages newcomers to schedule with them.


Click here to download, print and fill out the new patient form prior to your first appointment.