Children's Massage – Freedom Massage

Children’s Massage

Friends, children UNDER 18 must be accompanied by a parent the entire session.  It is a state law.

Ages 6-14 years old– $55 for 30 minutes only
Ages 15-18 – $85 for 60 minutes

Massage can be beneficial to children as well as adults. It can help relieve tension and fears, calm their nerves and bolster their immune system. It is useful if they play sports, or for relieving pain from heavy backpacks. Massage helps with headaches from using phones and computers and helps with anxiety & depression.

Our sessions are true to the time scheduled.  Your massage time WILL NOT include filling out paperwork, your evaluation time with therapists, getting undressed, dressed, or to switch over for another client after you.  You will be massaged for the full time requested. Keep in mind many establishments will deduct from your “table time” for these reasons. You may want to compare our 45 minute session pricing to their 60 minute session pricing. We do not charge by how long you are here, but how long you are on our table.

Read more about the benefits of children’s massages:

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