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Diane Matkowski, Owner of Freedom Massage, has been practicing massage for over 20 years. She owns an award winning business, is a wealth of knowledge on massage, hiring the right therapists, training therapists, what clients need, what employees need, behind the scenes bookkeeping, paperwork , and running a successful massage business. She is the “grass roots” of massage and with the powerful movement of massage — it is going back to those roots. Diane knows those roots better then most and can help turn around your business or help it flourish.

Mentoring is given one on one to business owners or self-employed therapists at their location. Therapists or Spas will be charged an hourly rate to learn whatever they desire from Diane about how she built Freedom Massage. She is available for staff training and to boost your staff’s morale with new ideas, bodywork techniques, and perspectives. Diane will travel and has helped businesses out of state to build stronger teams. For more information, email