Reasons to get massage – Freedom Massage

There are so many reasons to get regular massage!

Physical Benefits of Massage

Helps increase circulation

Increase immune system

Teaches body to relax

Increase body awareness,

Helps release toxins



Reduces stress in the body helping all its’ functions

It’s good for your skin

It feels good and is good for you, which is a hard combination to find in self-care.

and so much more.

Emotional Benefits of Massage

Eliminates touch deprivation

Introduces the mind to non-invasive touch

Helps the mind slow down and get us in touch with what is important

Enhances the human experience provoking uncontrollable moments of happy

Allows the body to demonstrate one of its’ greatest assets- the skin and feeling

Gives the mind and body a break from stress

Allows someone else to help us

Helps with anxiety and depression

Supports recovery from addictions