The Difference – Freedom Massage

The Freedom Massage Difference

Freedom Massage was voted TWO times BEST massage out of 78 nominees by Philly Hotlist. Freedom Massage also won Reader’s Choice for BEST massage on the Mainline. Freedom Massage is locally owned and operated by a practicing massage therapist who understands client needs AND therapist needs. We cater to many massage enthusiasts who understand the difference between an excellent massage and an average massage. Freedom Massage also welcomes all newcomers to massage and believes your first experience with us will keep you coming back. We also are a helpful resource for all those who are in recovery.  We welcome you to come enjoy the warm feel and the peaceful environment found exclusively at Freedom Massage. We are a professional family and we can not wait to work with YOU!

Easiest way to schedule an appointment: DOWNLOAD OUR APP FOR IPHONE:, DOWNLOAD OUR APP FOR ANDROID: or call us at 610-644-9003 for a same-day appointment.