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New book to be released September 2018! The Massage Therapists’ Guidebook, by our owner Diane Matkowski

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The Body Is Art: A Mentoring Guide for Massage and Bodywork by Diane Matkowski

The Body is Art will give you a quantum leap into the world of massage—a world of intuition, provoking encounters, learning, sharing, rewarding hard work, and more. It is, however, also a world that must function within the borders of sound business practices. Client interactions, policies, procedures, contracts, scheduling, and building a practice full of regular clients, need no longer be foreign to your practice’s landscape.

Diane R. Matkowski, CMP, HHC, shares her experiences and reactions to massage and bodywork business situations as well as routine business maintenance. Massage therapy school is just the beginning of your education as a massage therapist. Let Diane be your mentor in massage and bodywork by providing the answers to your questions about building a successful business.

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