Testimonials – Freedom Massage


Our wonderful clients are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

“Every time I visit Freedom Massage, I am so impressed by their professionalism and expert care in making it the best massage experience I can have. They make the entire experience feel so warm and welcoming. I genuinely feel they are glad I am there! They always take the time to listen to how I’m feeling physically and emotionally and then work their magic to make everything better! I love Freedom Massage!” — Georgette, via Google +

“What a find! What a great leader in the massage industry. I know why you are consistently voted THE BEST! My recovery from surgery is a journey. I spent the time to pick the best surgeon and physical therapy team available. Little did I realize that I needed a third component to recovery – massage. I am so thankful my PT team recommended you to me. I am beginning to realize that healing has many components. Thank you Diane for educating me and for some phenomenal massage work.” — Catherine, via Google +

I’ve been blessed to have many massages over the years (I was lucky enough to work in a counseling center with a massage therapist on staff), but this was by far the best. The center itself is very welcoming – my therapist met me at the desk downstairs, and just hearing her soft, welcoming voice made me know I was in the right place. The massage itself was perfect; Emily seemed to know intuitively which areas of my body needed the most attention, and I completely relaxed and went off into “LaLa Land” while she was working on me. It takes a lot to quiet my mind, and both the atmosphere of Freedom Massage and Emily’s expertise accomplished that and a lot more. I would highly recommend this little island of serenity. — Cynthia, via Facebook

I’ve been getting massages since I was 15, I will be 44 this month and I love to say it’s one of the best places I’ve gotten one. I had a severe migraine yesterday and my massage therapist Alicia helped the severity decrease. She also informed me of the different kinds of massages out there that I thought I knew about but I only knew some. I would recommend her, she was wonderful. I can’t wait until my next one. Also, the facility was beautiful & welcoming.— Krista, via Facebook

“Very welcoming and friendly therapists! The massage was excellent – in fact an hour was just not long enough … so very relaxing. The therapists ask all the right questions before they begin to be sure they know what you are looking for. I went for the deep tissue massage and it was perfect! We booked a couples massage and both left there so relaxed for a perfect start to our weekend! I cannot wait to book my next one!” — Briggett, via Google +

“Diane and her team are best in class! They are extremely professional, educated and talented and I always enjoy my experience at Freedom Massage. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in the area!” — Matthew, via Google +

I have been going to Freedom Massage now for over two years and in that time, I have never been disappointed and have always left feeling like a brand new and improved version myself. I can’t recommend Diane and her staff enough. — Stacey, via Facebook

I am new to the area and heard a lot of fabulous things about Freedom Massage, so I decided to make an appointment. This was one of the best decisions I have made in a while! I have been back three times since. The studio is relaxing, pristine and inviting. The beds are extremely comfortable and have a heating pad for extra comfort. Each massage therapist that I have seen made me feel relaxed and comfortable and listened to what I was looking for in my massage experience that day.— Sarah, via Google +

Never been so relaxed in my life. This place is by far the best place I’ve gotten a massage from. They are down to earth, kind and very friendly. Diane and her team are awesome. I would recommend to anyone in or even outside of Philly. — Chelsea, via Google +
I’ve been going to Freedom Massage for the past couple years. I have also had many massages from other places and franchise spa’s. There have been times at some of the franchise spa’s after 15 minutes I am looking forward to it ending. The massage therapist are doing their best at these spa’s. They are not at the same level is the massage therapists at Freedom Massage with the level of on-going training and care. Regardless who has massaged me over the years the same quality is always there. I am also a personal trainer and distance runner so the level I need to have my massage for recovery and health is everything. I highly recommend them!!! — Mark, via Google +
I’ve been going to Freedom Massage for some time now and every therapist that I have scheduled with has been outstanding. Beautiful office in a quiet, wooded setting with plenty of parking and accessible from all directions. An enjoyable and relaxing experience. Very friendly staff of therapists, all of whom make sure that you feel comfortable. The owner, Diane, is very attentive. Try Freedom and it will become your favorite. — Ben, via Google +
Freedom Massage totally changed my view around the importance of incorporating massage therapy into my life. I never realized how much massage and bodywork impact the mind, body and soul. After visiting Freedom Massage for the first time almost a year ago, I knew this was essential in my efforts to creating a more healthy lifestyle. I have had the privilege of receiving massage from all of the therapists, and their talent and ability to ‘read’ and know what my body needs has been unbelievable. Whether you have never received massage before or you’re a ‘pro’, this is the place to go… and stay! — Meghan, via Google +

My experience at Freedom Massage exceeded my highest expectations. The massage therapists are compassionate, educated, and gifted. Masters in the craft of massage and understanding the body!!— Allison, via Google +

I have been to quite a few massage centers. Freedom massage ranks up at the top. The energy of the people and space is on point for a relaxing experience. Freedom is the Jam! — Damon, via Google +

The team at Freedom Massage are specialists and should be considered as part of a physical therapy process. They find specific areas to concentrate their work on to help the body deal with injury recovery as well as helping the body to manage the everyday ware and tear on the body. — Kip, via Google +

Freedom Massage is unequivocally the most professional, talented and welcoming business I have ever had the benefit of experiencing. The building is discretely located in a very nice area, in addition the cleanliness and overall environment is relaxing and stress free.

I have been dealing with chronic neck pain, migraines and myriad of other issues for the better part of two years. Freedom has effectively mitigated and or fixed those issues through a level of attentiveness and caring which truly sets them apart.

I have worked with numerous therapists including the owner Diane. Diane took the time to thoroughly listen to me and my complaints, she expressed a deep interest and compassion that you rarely see these days. I cannot recommend Freedom enough. — John, via Google +